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upcycled, handpainted, original art


all customs.

Custom designs, handpainted just for you.

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Why did I start hales on earth designs?

I wanted to use my art to celebrate the uniqueness of people, the joy of life & the beauty of the earth. I absolutely love giving my customers something as unique as themselves, and custom art brings me joy as I get to bring your ideas, passions & personality to life in a way that you can enjoy or wear.  Life is way too short to be anything but yourself, and I love being able to give people an outlet to celebrate their unique lives through their clothing, shoes, accessories & home art.


What do you paint?

I paint on all types of products, if you have the idea, we can make it happen. The product could be old or new, it's up to you. Of course, because I love the earth, I try to use what we already have here in a small way to reduce waste; this is why I love up-cycling. Up-cycling is turning something old or used into something new & beautiful. I specialize in leather products but also paint on denim, various types of cloth & of course canvas. I use professional leather paint as well as wear & weather-resistant sealants to make your custom piece last! If there's something you'd like customized, lets chat!

How much does it cost?

Pricing is dependant on the intricacy of the design/time it will take me to complete your custom & the product you would like painted. Feel free to check out the specific custom pages I have for starting quotes. And as always, please feel free to message me with any questions!

How do I get started with requesting a custom piece?

Easy! send me an email or message me on my Instagram page! 

I'd love to hear from you!


hales, artist

I'm Hales, artist, athlete & lover of all things nature. I thrive in the outdoors, constantly seeking out new sights or adventures & soaking up inspiration from this beautiful earth every chance I get. I've lived all over the world including Chicago, London, The Netherlands, Hawaii, Japan, Washington DC & Utah & I strive to celebrate the differences & similarities I've found all over in both people & nature. No matter how far you travel or wander, be good to people & be good to earth. Both are irreplaceable.

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